Iron Maiden 1979 
Metal For Muthas 1980 
Judas Priest British Steel UK Tour 1980 
British Tour 1980 
Kiss Tour Europe 1980 
Killer UK Tour 1981 
Killer European Tour / World Tour 1981 
Bruce Dickinson's Warm-up Tour 1981 
The Beast On The Road World Tour 1982 
World Piece Tour 1983 
World Slavery Tour 1984/1985 
Somewhere On Tour 1986/1987 
Seventh Tour Of A Seventh Tour 1988 
UK Intercity Express Tour 1990 
No Prayer On The Road 1990/1991 
Fear Of The Dark Tour 1992 
Real Live Tour 1993 
The X Factour 1995/1996 
Summer Festival 1996 
Virtual XI World Tour 1998 
Ed Hunter Tour 1999 
Metal 2000 
Dance Of Death World Tour 2003/2004 
A Matter Of Life And Death World Tour 2006 
A Matter Of The Beast 2007 
Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008 
Other Bootlegs 
DVD / Video
Live DVD 
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Bruce Dickinson 
Adrian Smith 
Janick Gers 
Dave Murray 
Steve Harris 
Blaze Bayley 
Paul Dianno 
Dennis Stratton 
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